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"I have had personal tutoring, computer software, and listening cd's trying to learn Mandarin Chinese. Learn Mandain combines all these tools into one convenient package. Not only do I have a personal video instruction from a Mandarin speaker, I have the lesso available in a hard copy along with the Chinese characters. I wish I had found this sooner but I'm wry happy and excited that I did."

-- Timothy Nolan, Chicago, USA

"Thank you Learn Mandarin, your course quality is excellent. I also enjoy the extra emails on cultural awareness. The amount of course literature makes me more consistent, diligent and disciplined. Regards, Louise Zaslawski"

-- Louise Zaslawski, Sydney, Australia

"A diifferent experience than the rosettastone or pimsleur's approach. in a good way it brings these to learning concepts together in an effective learning method"

-- Bryant Wilke, Virginia, USA

"I am a beginner student attending weekly lessons, but being able to revisit lesson online is a great help. I really appreciate the easy explanations for grammar also! Thank you."

-- Lynne Owens, Melbourne, Australia

"This was the breakthrough I was looking for"

-- Bryan Hudson, House Designs (Click to read Testimonial Letter)

"I think you have the best product out there...The reason I finally decided to purchase it was to get some direction and extra help during my private lessons I am getting here [in China] which are good, but not great"

--Peter Cote,

"I have tried other courses but I find this one the best. The lessons are just the right length and being able to access them at any time really helps. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn to Mandarin."

--Rosalind Volpato, Australia

"Very clear and bite-size lessons is the best way to get the meaning and to retain. I just love it. I was a little apprehensive at first but now I see how beneficial it is to learn with a teacher like you. So far I have not found anything difficult. But, of course, this is only the beginning. the best is to come yet"

--Esterina Bargiglione, Ontario, Canada

"This is a great way of learning Chinese"

--Valya Sime, Tasmania, Australia

"I really like the way you have put this course together, the video lessons are great and flow on linking the learning which I find encourages continued learning. the quizzes consolidate what has been learned and make the course more fun too. and the helpsheets, with the chinese characters and tone symbols added are a great provision. and the fact that students can contact you directly if needed is very good. this is much better than going to an establishment for a course, you can go back to the videos to review and actaully hear the conversations, great that its all downloadable. Great course!"

--Pauline Close, Australia

"my kids although only 8 & 9 years love the programme. They do it as part of their homeschool lessons andi'm very greatful that I've never had any trouble getting them to do their lesson."

--Dianah Racanati, South Australia

"This learning make my chinese speaking improved a lot. but the most important is pronanciations."

--Kyaw Winn, Singapore

"I have found Rui's teaching method to be very effective and, although not as industrious a student as I would hope to be, am delighted with my progress."

--Ross Lovell, Australia

"Your Learn Mandarin Video Course is exactly what I needed to actually start speaking Chinese fluently! I was surprised that I picked it up so quickly. I did go to China a few times but after the video program, it really made a big difference."

-- Mary M., Retiree, NY, USA.

I like this course because when I speak to someone from china they understand what I am saying.

-- Christopher Witherspoon, California, USA.

i am pleasantly surorised with my progress after one month . I'ved studied other languages and taught English for 10 years in Asia.This course is enthusiastically taught,builds vocabulary slowly. Recommended language course

-- John Difford, Melbourne, Australia.

The teaching style suits me very well and although I don't keep up with the number of lessons a week there is no timelimit so I can quite happily do them at my own pace. Really enjoying the course, thanks

-- Sue Henry, Victoria, Australia.

"The courses are very well designed and given in a way that the beginner can learn and progress with quite well. My experience has it possible for me to understand more in the very short time I have been learning, but I still have far to go. Everyday conversattion is the most difficult for me and I guess this is also difficult to choose wgiving a course, so the student must persist and be dedicated to the learning. I will continue and pursue this and I hope, master the most difficult yet,...make up my own sentences. :)

I constantly go from the end lesson 50 to the beginning lesson 1 and listen to how much I can understand without you explaining it. The conversations you have in the lessons are now to a level for me that I can understand them and so I am evolving with my ability to understand more.
Thank you..."

--Jeff Beacham, Australia

The course is well structured. Video supported by Blackcoard lessons and then reinforced by Quizes for each Lesson hepls solidify what i am learning. It also gives me a good refresher as i progress through to go back and revisit quizes to test mjy retention. I am enjoying the challenge. I like being able to do it at a time of my choosing.I am confident of continuing in study of mandarin.

--John O'Reilly, Australia

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Why Subscribe?

This Learn Mandarin Training Program is not for everyone.

It is not for people with only a passing interest or people that just want to learn a few words here and there. If that's all you want, then I encourage you to buy a Chinese phrasebook or use a free internet resource for that.

No, this Chinese Program is designed for those of you that really want to speak Chinese and FINALLY just Learn the Chinese Language without any nonsense.

I have really made the lessons as easy as possible and have built Chinese tools (e.g. Online Quizzes, Chinese Pictures, and the PinYin Blackboard ) to give you everything you will need to Learn Chinese Successfully .

If you've already tried local classes in Chinese, then you'll know that for a few hundred or, more likely, a few thousand of dollars , all you get are lessons that you'll never remember and a lifeless textbook that you'll never even touch again.

I get students coming to me all of the time and with very similar frustrations: "I had all but given up! I've tried everything for the last 5 years..."

Sound familiar?

This program is very different. I have developed a comprehensive CHINESE TRAINING SYSTEM based on years of feedback from thousands of students (Who else can tell you that ?).

As a matter of fact, I'm still evolving the system, and continuously looking for ways to make the program better.

Let me give you some concrete examples of just how I'm evolving the Chinese Learning System for your benefit.
The Chinese instruction videos has gone through many revamps and upgrades. After many iterations, your typical Chinese video lesson looks something like this:

Chinese Mandarin Video Lesson

Sample of Chinese Video Lesson

You'll see that the videos display Chinese pinyin (to help you with your Chinese pronunciation) and Chinese characters as I explain everything to you in conversational English so you actually know what's going on!

These videos originally *only* contained Chinese pinyin and no Chinese characters at all. I had made a strategic decision early on not to include any Chinese characters because I wanted students to concentrate only on speaking when they first start learning Chinese so as not to over-complicate the entire learning process.

Boy was that a mistake! Through a lot of student feedback, it seems that students actually prefer having Chinese characters there because they get exposure to them early on (even if they didn't want to learn the characters!) but it also lays a stronger foundation for further study of the Chinese Language. So I went ahead and carefully re-edited all of the videos to include Chinese characters which, as you'll see if you subscribe, has greatly enhanced the videos.

(I want to emphasise that the first 3 Levels are developed to get you SPEAKING CHINESE fast, not writing Chinese. However, there are now lessons available to help you read and write Chinese as well if that's what you're interested in).

You'll also find that all of the first 25 lessons in Level 1 are accompanied by Chinese Pinyin Blackboard lessons.

This came after students completed some of my Chinese lessons and emailed me, "Wait -- how do I say this again?".

In fact, I noticed a steady stream of emails to the effect that students are still struggling with tones. They just all sound the same!

In came the Chinese PinYin Blackboard. In the Blackboard, I re-explained the words and phrases in the main lessons paying particularly close attention to the Chinese Tones.

Well that turned out to be a surprisingly massive hit! I think Chinese teachers (myself included!) take it for granted that Chinese tones require specific attention probably because it just seems natural to us, when in reality, it's actually not going to be for the majority of English Speakers looking to Speak Chinese.

After I made the PinYin Blackboard public, I got a lot of enquiries afterwards from new students, "Are the Pinyin Blackboard Lessons going to be included in the subscription?"

Indeed they are! Now you get the Chinese PinYin Blackboard Lessons to cover all of the Level 1 content. It will really strengthen what you've learned in the main Chinese lessons as well as help you master the Chinese tones.

Now about the main Chinese course lessons that we've talked about. The Chinese Lessons that you will receive are short and impactful. Most of my students rewatch the 10-20 minute lessons at least several times .

One student from Adelaide, Australia told me that she listened to some lessons more than 18 times!

It may seem like a lot initially, I know. But, like I said at the start, this course is for serious students and, believe me, when you really want to learn Chinese and remember, you will do it also. Besides, when you see the real results that you get, you will be encouraged to do more.

Unlike the 2 hour Chinese evening classes that you might have tried before but with no luck, you can stop these lessons, pause, rewind, review, listen to the glossary terms only -- all in your own time from the comfort of your home or office. What's more, you get to keep the lessons forever.

This Chinese Training System has been built from the ground up for ease and practicality. Each lesson takes at least 8-10 hours to carefully plan, create, record, edit, review, and publish.
The goal of each and every one of my lesson is for you to truly understand the Chinese Language. I'm not going to blindly follow an outdated Chinese textbook and simply hope for the best.
Instead, I would like to offer you a unique Chinese Course that has taught the Chinese Language to tens of thousands of students from all over the world.

And you can try my course absolutely risk-free. It doesn't matter which Chinese program you subscribe to, you will always have 30 days to see whether this program's right for you. All you have to do is send me an email (support @ and simply say "I want my money back".

With over 100 lessons and over 1000 quiz questions in the Mandarin Training Program, you will have access to a proven system which has taken me years to create, and year to refine.
Rui, Mandarin Instructor

Here is what the subscription will give you:

  • Lessons which are Clear and Designed for Adult English Speakers
  • Chinese Tools to help you Speak Chinese Fluently
  • DOWNLOAD your videos so that you can watch or listen as many times as you like
  • Personal Customer Service
  • Watch or Listen to your Lessons on your iPad or iPhone
  • Access to Chinese Resources including Online Quizzes, Worksheets, and PinYin Blackboard
  • You have an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked


Some Questions Asked

Is there a minimum commitment or a contract?

There is No Contract and No Minimum Commitment . You are free to cancel or withdraw from the course at anytime. Please make sure that you email us on support (@) to cancel your subscription and we'll take care of it for you within 1-2 working days :)

I'm 70 years old. Can I still take the lessons?

Of course you can! I have several students that are over 80 years of age and they have made great progress. You can too. The key is consistent practice. You will find the learning not only mentally stimulating but enjoy conversing with your Chinese friends.

Can I download the video/audio lessons?

Yes, you certainly can! You will be able to download the videos, audios, and the help sheets

How many lessons are there?

There are currently 75 modules, 25 modules for Level 1, 25 modules for Level 2 and 25 modules for Level 3. I am currently working towards adding the Pinyin Blackboard to the lessons also.

How long will it take to complete Level 1 (Complete Beginners)?

This depends on you. Some students take around 2 months to finish the First Level. To complete all 3 levels takes at least 9 months. Level 3 covers Conversation as well as Chinese Writing .

I prefer a DVD, can I purchase one from you?

You can indeed! Just visit Learn Mandarin DVD section. We're also working on a Mandarin DVD specifically for children since many of our students are actually pruchasing this progran for their kids.

How do you accept payments?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express through PayPal for all of our Online Payments. PayPal is an online service which processes credit card payments for us -- you may have heard of them if you use eBay. Millions trust in Paypal's excellent security record to keep their valuable financial information safe. When you use Paypal, we see only your name and email address, not your financial details.

Buy now with Paypal.

Do you offer a corporate/group package?

I do indeed. Please email me (support @ or call me (02 8006 0925)